Things to do on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island boasts an authentic Victorian atmosphere—as it has been for 125 years: horse-drawn carriages instead of motorized vehicles, historic gardens, period architecture, historical buildings and experiences, numerous taverns/bars and restaurants with specialties, and of course Cloghaun B&B, which is conveniently located 2 blocks from the ferry dock and within close walking distance to many things to do on Mackinac Island.

The island has a way of helping its visitors slow down from a hectic life, but this hardly means there is nothing to do here. With so much uniqueness this island has to offer, many have made a visit to Mackinac Island a top priority on their Bucket List. And with good reason. The Island has much for everyone: history, falling in love, walking the beach alongside crystal-clear water, stone skipping, horseback riding, hiking, biking the inner island and around the island, casual to fine dining, beautiful sunsets, shopping, art scenes, and always a box of fudge. The unforgettable experience that is Mackinac Island always offers a full schedule of activities and events running continuously during the season to add even more enjoyment. Check out events listed at

5 Favorite Island Activities:

Special Offers from Cloghaun

At Cloghaun we want to assist you in building the best of memories during your stay with us on Mackinac Island. While there are plenty of experiences to enjoy on the Island, we at Cloghaun have numerous packages offered right at your doorstep. Make sure to visit our specials page to select one or more of the lovely options to enhance your stay with us. These add-ons offer are a wonderful welcome to our returning guests and provide an extra special touch for our first-time guests.

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Enjoy this fabulous drone video of Mackinac Island, then come see for yourself! We also highly recommend exploring the online gallery of Jimmy Taylor, a Michigan photographer with some of the best photos of Mackinac Island you can find. He is also the photographer who took the stunning evening photos of the inn. View his gallery of images here, where you’ll also find prints available to remember your Mackinac Island getaway.

What our Guests are Saying…

They really mean “Welcome Home” From the moment I set foot on the steps of the Cloghaun, I felt a warmth and a stillness that just is in a home that has been quietly welcoming strangers through her doors for well over a hundred years. From the heavy quilt, to the wind chimes on the porch, to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere enjoyed and spread by other guests, my experience here was beyond price. The Innkeepers make it a point to tell each guest “welcome home” as they arrive, and they mean it. Take a moment to read the history of the house and look at the pictures lining the walls. It won’t take long for you to feel part of the family.